Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious by Timothy Wilson


  • Conscious and Unconscious processing
    • Like computer system (network card and you checking email)
    • Outsourcing tasks
  • Emotions make decision making efficient
    • Feelings are functional (most of the time)
    • Adaptive Unconscious as a generator for gut feeling
  • Activation potential of information in memory
    • How accesible an idea is
    • InformaciĆ³n has high or low activation potential
  • Unconscious vs Conscious
    • Unconscious is older from evolutionary perspective
    • Who is in control?
  • Extra information does not always increase accuracy of explanation
  • Trying to quantify everything doesn't work
    • Pro contra lists
    • House requirements list example
  • Concious can't access all the variables the Adaptive Unconscious takes in to reach a decision/liking something
  • Introspection is a process of construction and inference; does not always unlock the full truth