About Me

I'm currently a student at the Technical University of Munich studying computer science. My main interests lie in distributed systems, applied cryptography and financial markets. I enjoy reading, but the best way to learn for me is through exchange with others and direct application. This motivated me to join a student investment club/fund and eventually lead the infrastructure team there for a couple of semesters. Next to discussing financial markets, I also learnt a lot about orchestrating and securing services on Linux servers and use that knowledge now to host some stuff on my own servers.

Generally optimistic, I try to keep a stoic attitude towards life's random twists, while recognizing that this randomness can lead to serendipitous opportunities. I enjoy the craft of cooking because it is something you physically create with your hands, and I feel like you don't get that enough nowadays. This, in addition to building a sustainable workout routine, will hopefully keep me physically and mentally fit until I die. In order to stay balanced, I try to suspend initial judgements of ideas or people, but have no problem defending/discussing my bias if necessary. I'm open to updating my opinions when presented with new information.

I've fallen into the Bitcoin rabbit hole, and I'm fascinated by seeing this neutral, relatively robust and fairly programmable money emerging. It's still quite small in comparison with existing financial assets like the bond market or gold's market cap. It's natively digital, but at the same time reaches into the real world through its security mechanism. That bitcoin mining could provide this subtle way of incentivizing the build out of cheap energy sources (mostly renewables, hopefully nuclear in the future) is just so cool. Long term we'll have to see if the incentives securing it will hold. I follow Lightning Network development the closest and run a small bitcoin and lightning node. It's fun to program permissionlessly on top of Bitcoin and making magic internet money the default currency of the internet.

About Site

I'm still figuring out the purpose of this site, but for now it's a learning ground and a place to showcase aspects of my life. Writing feels difficult to me, but I think it's a crucial skill, so maybe having a place to put some text will motivate me to practice more. Having a blog or such could also help solidify the fuzzy thoughts and conjectures I have about the world. Another idea that speaks to me is the original ethos of the internet; everyone has their own little website and everything points to each other through links. This, of course, doesn't scale and leads to a very fragmented experience, but the organic linking is what makes browsing the internet fun. I hope this website can be part of that process, so to explore a random link/bookmark of mine, you can just click here or the name on the top left. So just click around a bit, and you'll find some neat internet nuggets ;) If I get intriguing enough content on this site, some links might some day point here.